Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Hell And Back

I’ve been making films for over fifteen years and during this time a lot of things have happened. Some of those things stopped me from going after my goals while others just kept beating me down. Life is far too short to ever stop going after the things you want in life. For a period of time I got lost in my own depression. Those where dark days sitting in a dark room working on The Other Side of Hell not knowing if I‘d ever finish the movie. The darkness of that film and working on my problems through art exorcising the oozing sadness dripping from my broken soul.
Weeks, months, and years went by and still my ever draining soul still couldn’t find the nagging problem that kept me from finishing The Other Side Of Hell. With every rewrite and reedit I kept getting closer to the core of sickness. Those chains kept getting heaver as the years passed. Ten years passed and still working on the project that Satan himself handed me. I tried to figure out the things that brought me to this dark unforgiving hell. There seemed to be no end in site!
As year ten crept closer it seemed I gave up all my dreams in favor of living a life trapped in a room with a movie that might never get done. Something happened that changed my life forever the answer was right in front of me the whole time. I was just too blind to see the Family and Friends rooting me on to finish the movie . I couldn’t hear the advice they where giving because I was too concerned with putting my own problems in the movie.
I finished The Other Side Of Hell two weeks before the world premier. I couldn’t have done it with out my family and friends. Now it’s two years later and I don’t think I’ve ever said a proper THANK YOU to all of those who took the time to help me through one of the hardest times of my life. With out my friends and family I might have never finished the movie I was close to giving up on my life time dream of being a filmmaker.
Soon I will be working on Horror-Struck, two new unannounced projects, and after ten years in hell I’ve back out the other side alive and ready to make the dream come true.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


What is Horror - Struck? Well Horror - Struck was as horror movie review show with odd guests from vampire hunters to a guy who loved OJ Simpson. My co hosts Ryan Nazzaro and Erica brought our fans in to the world of horror every Thursday at 10.
Now fast forward 14 years later and now it’s time for Horror - Struck to make it’s return. I’m happy to say Horror - Struck is moving along very well. Let me get you caught up to date with what’s been going on. About two years ago I contacted Ryan Nazzaro my co host from the original Horror - Struck show. Now I wasn’t sure what Ryan would think about bringing back the old show. At the time I was very nervous because you just have no idea how people have changed and what’s gong on in there lives. I asked him if he wanted to bring it back? and just like that he was in and just as or more excited then I am. Ryan I started working on the show having meetings every month then before I knew it we are having meetings every week.
How has the show changed from the original. At this time the details of the show are going to be kept secret until the new show debut’s.
Corey Sawyer is a new co writer to the show and is a great addition to the team. Corey came up with a great concept for season one that maps out the season and beyond also adding something that is very special to a super kick ass villain Ryan came up with.
Other new additions to the team are James Draper he’s a producer working with me on locations and helping with the crew. James is turning out to be an all around hitter.
The new show also brings a new co host with Ryan and myself. Who in time will be revealed on this persons debut episode.
The villain who going to be played by a great actor will be named in due time. I can’t wit to see him turn in to this super evil dude.
Over all with out a good team working with you. No matter what you are making a film, TV show, or web show if you have a big ego it could just could crash and burn before you start. Making a television or film is a team effort.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I haven’t posted a blog in a long time. A lot has been going on with filmmaking and life.
First The Other Side Of Hell seems to have made a little impact I was hoping for more but after a month long tour of October in to November of 2008. I have to say I’m happy I didn’t make back the money I put in to the film does that really matter? No. Now don’t get me wrong I would have loved to make back the money I put in to the film but
that didn’t happen. What did happen? I made new friends and met a lot of good people. What I did get satisfaction in was watching the audience reactions to this weird and violent film I made. Some where good and some not so good that comes with making a film like The Other Side Of Hell.
Making films is a hard thing to do. You have to love it if you don’t then get the hell out of it.

Friday, May 02, 2008


My view point in art and film making is always being open and honest with your self with what ever it is your making. The Other Side Of Hell is a violent, disgusting,and interesting film. Something I want to do is show trailers of other Indy films made in the state of NH and out. I'm not going to ask for anything in return from the filmmakers. Hell they can even sell there films at my screenings and I don't want a dime. Theirs always talk of a movement going on but to be honest most of the filmmakers don't really talk we do but we don't. Now is the time to do something worth while and stop thinking about ourselves.
I've asked myself over the past few months why do I make films? I was deep thought for along time on this and the answer is very simple....I love movies and I love being creative.
The Other Side Of Hell has taken ten years of my life but I've learned alot and have worked with a lot of great people! If it wasn't for them this film would have never been.
Thank you all!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


It's almost Christmas and its time and Devil Girl has some new very demented, imaginative, and super creative photo's. There's no reason to ramble on Devil Girls art speaks for it's shelf.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Julia Radochia is an actress, writer, editor, and filmmaker. I met her ten years ago as a production assistant on Old Man Dogs. When you see her play a charter you can tell she is a real natural.With any actor or actress I think its all in the eyes that bring the reality to the character the actor or actress is playing. This is what I have seen in the films Julia has acted in and is now I see that same passion in her film making. I've seen every film Julia has written and directed so far. My favorite is Just Like His Father, is really great in many ways and its her first film. I really like the camera work and editing in that film. But what stuck with me the most about Like His Father the story. After doing a drama Julia has been attacking the funny bone making a series of comedy shorts. . She just won best short award for I Just Want To Eat My Sandwich. I will be keeping you updated with information and news as Julia moves on making films.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Check out Bill Millios's blog, Backlot Films Blog !!! He gives us a full update with whats going on with his films and getting information out about other film makers and actors . Bill SLAMS a recent CONCORD MONITOR ARTICLE about how independent film making is just starting in NH.

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